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SEND Tutoring chats to Amara a leading Educational Lawyer about EHCPs and it’s process

Questions and Answers:

Implementing Changes to the EHC Plan:

One parent raised concerns about making changes to their child's EHC plan during the annual review, especially when significant developments have occurred since the last assessment. Amara emphasised the importance of open communication between parents, schools, and relevant authorities. She advised parents to actively engage in the review process, providing detailed information about changes in their child's needs and collaborating with the school to ensure the plan is reflective of the current situation.

Specific Windows of Time for Changes:

Amara highlighted specific timeframes during the EHC process when parents can make changes. While elaborating on this, she shared an example to illustrate the process. This practical insight into the timeline after the EHC is sent and during the annual review serves as a valuable guide for parents navigating this complex system.

Support for Children Without an EHC:

Another parent sought guidance on obtaining support for their child in the absence of an EHC plan. Amara acknowledged the challenges and suggested alternative avenues for support. She stressed the importance of proactive communication with the school, seeking guidance from teachers, and exploring available resources within the educational system.

Amara's Top Tip:

Amara's top tip resonates with the theme of effective communication. She encourages parents to maintain regular contact with their child's school, keeping the communication window open. Documenting any verbal exchanges becomes crucial, creating a paper trail that can be instrumental if the need arises for further action or clarification.


In navigating the complexities of the EHC plan annual review, Amara's insights provide a compass for parents. Her advice emphasises the collaborative effort required between parents, schools, and legal professionals to ensure that children and young people receive the tailored support they need to thrive in their educational journey. Keeping the lines of communication open and documenting interactions emerges as a powerful tool in advocating for a child's educational well-being.

If you would like help navigating the EHCP process please get in touch we have an amazing EHCP Consultant Claire who can help

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