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My consultant expertise

I am a highly proficient care provider and advocate for two autistic young people with multiple co-occurring conditions. I have supported their health and welfare needs, and upon reaching school age, I have been advocating for their right to an education. I have utilised extensive research skills and lived experience to develop expertise in Special Education Needs. I have worked collaboratively with Local Education Authorities (LEA) and Local Councils to procure the correct provisions to meet all these needs. Having successfully achieved changes to best practices, including co-authoring the Educated Other Than at School (EOTAS) protocols, I decided to pursue a career in this field. I completed a BA (Hons) First Class in Social Welfare Law, Policy, and Advice Practice alongside IPSEA Level 3 Advanced SEND law to aid this. In addition, I utilise my professional qualifications and lived experience as an independent EHCP Consultant, drawing on over 14 years of experience and knowledge of the SEND experience in education.

My expertise as an EHCP consultant and Independent SEND Advisor

I support parents/carers through the legal processes of Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), offering accurate, timely, impartial advice and information regarding Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). In addition, I advise and guide parents, carers, young people, and children and help them understand and exercise their rights in SEND processes.

I review and write applications for EHCP needs assessments and review and amend draft plans following statutory guidance to gain the best outcome for the client, alongside support throughout the Annual Review process in meetings and amending EHCPs before adding updated needs and provisions and liaising closely with schools, the statutory and voluntary sector, and other relevant agencies, including education, health, and social care to promote positive outcomes for individuals.

I offer general SEND advice and support and provide support in school meetings to find a pathway to resolve difficulties faced by children/young people accessing their education. I write refusal to assess appeals and working documents for section appeals. Knowledge and understanding of relevant SEN legislation, including the Children and Families Act 2014, SEND Regulations 2014 and the SEND Code of Practice, and the Education Act 1996. I also provide support with DLA, PIP, and mandatory considerations.

My consultant expertise as a Parent Advocate and Carer

I support all care needs for two autistic young people unable to access school; motivating and supporting the development of crucial life skills and choices incorporating personal hygiene, appearance, food, education, social activities, leisure activities and friendships; catering for all mental health needs. Encouraging positive self-esteem and confidence development; implementing personalised support and care plans for each child’s needs. I am utilising proactive and reactive problem-solving skills to establish prompt and effective resolution, anticipate potential problems, and implement key steps to avoid issues, adapting quickly to changeable situations. Working to obtain vital support and assistance from health providers, educational establishments, local authorities and DWP, researching local charity organisations and available support networks to obtain appropriate funding for care and equipment needs.  Incorporating legislative guidance to establish the best course of action. This is achieved by developing highly effective communication skills, knowing when to adjust these to meet the needs of specific situations, and remaining calm and professional when dealing with intense or difficult conversations. Understanding the variable dynamics of a group working and recognising individual perspectives and diversity of opinions.

How I complement being both caring and professional at the same time

As parents/advocates and carers, we become experts in our own rights; this expertise compliments my work practices allowing me to fully understand without the need to explain the difficulties faced by families and, to some extent, have insight from the child/young person perspective. These skills include maintaining awareness of legislative and regulatory updates and changes and monitoring the latest studies/ information, including but not exhaustive of Autism, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Dyspraxia, Selective Mutism, Hypermobility, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Tourettes, Panic disorder, Mental health Difficulties and Sensory Processing Differences. Each family has a unique story and requires all my skills to support a personal pathway to success, regardless of how many barriers are thrown in the way. I aim to empower families with the tools to succeed on their educational journey.


I have known Claire for 6+ years and she has been an invaluable support to both me & my son through our SEND journey. To say I don't know where we would be now, without Claire's help, is an understatement. Her knowledge of children with SEND needs and the struggles of a SEND parent is endless, through her own personal experience over many years. Claire has supported and helped me through the minefield of applying for an EHCP through to issuing the EHCP, then through 3 appeals over 3 years. She is exceptional at signing posting to the correct departments within the LA and NHS and key roles for help & providing excellent information. She has been the most amazing emotional & compassionate support to me with a very empathetic understanding nature which is so invaluable. A person you can really relate to and very trustworthy. Great knowledge of mental health & disability needs & has supported both my son & I through very difficult times. Her knowledge of the diagnosis process is invaluable & the pathways signposting to get there. Claire although she has a multitude of knowledge, is always willing and open to learn more herself.


On request

£110 per hour

EHCP Consultant



I support parents/carers, children, and young people in their journey through education. I offer bespoke, accurate, timely, impartial advice and information regarding Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). I advise, guide, support, and empower parents, carers, young people, and children and help them understand and exercise their rights in the SEND process.

'Great knowledge of mental health & disability needs & has supported both my son & I through very difficult times.'






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