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Navigating Independence - An Insight into The SENSES Project with Joe Phillips

🎙️ Podcast Episode Highlight: A Conversation with Joe Phillips, Founder and Director of the SENSES Project

Today on SEND Tutoring's podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Joe Phillips, the visionary behind the SENSES Project. Joe is committed to addressing the transitional challenges faced by young neurodiverse adults, offering them the skills to navigate life independently. Let's delve into the responsive and preventative services the SENSES Project provides.

Responsive Services: 1. Independence Support Programme - 1:1 Mentoring (16+):

The program empowers clients to navigate life challenges independently. Over an average of two years, participants transition towards working opportunities, gradually reducing professional support needs.

2. Neurodiverse Workshops (16+):

Tailored 10-week workshops focus on key developmental areas, creating social opportunities and fostering personal growth. Workshops cover communication skills, challenges, employable skills, and independent living skills.

3. SEN 1:1 Mentoring - AP Development:

Customised mentoring for students in Alternative Provision (AP) helps build skills and confidence for life after education.

Preventative Services: 4. SEN Reflective Workshops - Education and Social Care Providers:

Workshops for 30-40 participants nurture teams by guiding learning from shared experiences. Topics include inspiring independence with neurodiversity, dealing with challenges, and understanding sensory experiences.

Joe's Passion and Vision:

Joe's passion lies in trauma and sensory processing, aiming to break down rigid boundaries between social care, mental health, and education. His focus is on adaptive, person-centered approaches that empower individuals to work, make friends, and support others.

Insightful Questions:
1. The SEN Reflective Workshops:

Joe explains that these workshops are designed to inspire and nurture teams by focusing on specific subjects. They encourage collaboration between educators and parents, creating a common ground for the benefit of the children involved.

2. National Adoption of SEN Reflective Workshops:

Joe shares his vision for the workshops to be used nationally and in alternative provisions. He updates listeners on the progress and potential for broader implementation.

3. Cost Savings for Local Authorities:

Joe discusses how embracing innovative models and approaches can cut costs for local authorities while enhancing the quality of support. His goal is to move away from traditional mindsets and prioritize the needs of the individuals being supported.

In conclusion, Joe Phillips and the SENSES Project exemplify a forward-thinking approach, challenging the status quo to create better outcomes for neurodiverse individuals. As we continue this podcast journey, we aim to bring you more insights from passionate individuals making a difference in the SEND community. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations! 🌟 #SENDSupport #Neurodiversity #IndependentLiving

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