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Illuminating the Path to Justice - A Conversation with Chrissa Wadlow, Founding Director of Sunshine Support

🎙️ Podcast Episode Highlight: Unveiling the Journey with Chrissa Wadlow

In today's podcast episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Chrissa Wadlow, the visionary force behind Sunshine Support, a distinguished SEND consultancy, training, and advocacy organization based in the UK.

The Genesis of Sunshine Support: Founding Story:

Sunshine Support emerged in 2017 from Chrissa Wadlow's own harrowing battle to secure suitable educational provision for her daughter. Faced with a barrage of injustices and limited support from trusted services, Chrissa navigated through 2 SEND tribunals, a high court case, and a final SEND tribunal to secure the education her daughter deserved.

Mission and Inspiration:

Chrissa's journey inspired the creation of Sunshine Support, aiming to guide families through the complexities of Special Educational Needs, ensuring they receive the right advice from trustworthy experts. Her story serves as a beacon of hope, motivating thousands to seek justice and exercise their legal rights.

Unveiling Chrissa Wadlow:
1. The Woman Behind Sunshine Support:

Chrissa, a powerhouse of focus and passion for justice, brings extensive business management experience and a special interest in psychology to Sunshine Support. An award-winning advocate, Chrissa is proudly neurodivergent and an outspoken ambassador for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease community.

2. Family and Values:

With four daughters and an empowering husband, Tom, Chrissa's family engages in profound discussions about equity, kindness, and making a difference. Beyond work, Chrissa, in her true ADHD fashion, enjoys changing her hair and embraces various 'versions' of herself.

3. Beyond Work:

Chrissa actively fundraises for the SEND community, leads her own Wadlow choir, prioritizes self-care, and pursues an MA in Autism and SEN at the University of South Wales.

Insightful Questions:
1. What is Sunshine Support?

Chrissa provides a deep dive into the essence of Sunshine Support, outlining its mission, services, and the pivotal role it plays in supporting families through the SEND journey.

2. Criteria for Receiving Services:

Chrissa sheds light on whether there are specific criteria for individuals seeking Sunshine Support's services, ensuring transparency for listeners contemplating assistance.

3. Changing an Area of SEND:

Chrissa shares her vision for change within the SEND landscape, expressing what area she would transform and why, emphasizing her commitment to enhancing the system.

In concluding our conversation with Chrissa Wadlow, we recognize the invaluable impact of Sunshine Support and Chrissa's dedication to justice and advocacy within the SEND community. As we continue to explore diverse voices and narratives, stay tuned for more enlightening discussions. 🌈 #SunshineSupport #SENDAdvocacy #InclusiveEducation

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