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​Customer Reviews

SEND Tutoring has been incredibly helpful. My daughter has struggled for years with reading and confidence. SEND has been so encouraging to my daughter while also increasing her reading abilities in ways that uniquely cater to her strengths and warmly walk her through the difficulties.


She loves the lessons and is notably more confident in her reading & willingness to try new things. If you're considering SEND, I would encourage you to reach out. You will not be disappointed. They are knowledgeable and incredibly skilled at helping children with special needs flourish. 


“Our daughter has had twice-weekly lessons with SEND Tutoring for some time and really enjoys them.  They are usually very interactive and fun in supporting her school work.  The tutor really cares about our daughter and her enthusiastic style means the lessons are particularly engaging. 


We believe this extra help is continuing to improve our daughter’s understanding in her English and maths schoolwork, including the strategies in approaching assessments.  We appreciate all of SEND Tutoring’s help and commitment.”


SEND Tutoring was a great help to my daughter - the tutor had a caring and enthusiastic nature along with professional knowledge made for a great partnership. She was always happy to come up with new ways of explaining concepts until my daughter fully understood.


The tutor was very respectful of my opinion and we were able to work together as a team to get the best outcome for my daughter. I would highly recommend working with SEND Tutoring for any tutoring needs


(Reese Mathers)

I have a 7-year-old son with an ASD diagnosis and (as yet undiagnosed) dyslexia. He'd been hugely struggling at school, so I decided to get a weekly specialist tutor to help him with his reading, writing and maths.SEND Tutoring has been totally amazing. My son seems to actually enjoy learning for the first time ever!


The tutor has a multi-sensory approach to teaching and also breaks the lesson into sections. As a result, she managed to hold his attention and keep him engaged for a full hour. She seems to instinctively understand when he needs a movement break.  SEND Tutoring has made a big impact on my son and transformed his learning experience. I would highly recommend them!” 


I live abroad and find it difficult to get additional learning support for my son who was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 8yrs. I contacted SEND Tutoring during the school holidays who was an enormous help with Toby. 


The tutor gave remote lessons via zoom in the afternoons for a 1hr lesson.  Toby found the lessons fun, and engaging and she managed to hold his concentration for the full achievement in itself!SEND Tutoring comes highly recommended.” 


SEND Tutoring delivers upbeat, high energy, can-do approach to tutoring.  The tutor knew how to engage different types of children and my daughter responded hugely well to the tutor's patient and fun approach.


  Self-esteem is such an important part of successful learning and the tutor was brilliant at finding ways to help my daughter feel confident in herself and her ability.”


SEND Tutoring tutors our son who is on the ASD spectrum.  The tutor is wonderful with him, super supportive and clear, and it’s lovely to see how much he enjoys their sessions. 


She covers a range of subjects, is well-prepared and considerate, always makes learning fun, and we’ve found that our son’s confidence has greatly improved, especially in maths. She’s just great!”


  (Janie and Henry Vallance)

SEND Tutoring worked with our son on a weekly basis for 3 months. During that time, we saw his confidence soar as he developed and honed his skills in literacy.  The tutor was able to bring so many fun elements to her lessons, that for our son, it really did feel like learning through ‘play’. 


It suited his natural way of immersive learning, through different games and exciting activities, cleverly enabling him to retain and build upon his knowledge from previous sessions.  He always looked forward to the tutor’s lessons.  SEND Tutoring have excellent tutors and we could not recommend them enough.


Every once in a while you come across one of those teachers who you just wish could be every child's teacher. SEND Tutoring are that teacher. 


SEND Tutoring have been nothing short of fantastic with our child. They work so hard to produce really creative and fun lessons to engage and draw in the learning which is always accompanied by a huge helping of sensory play based learning and a massive dedication to ensuring that every child, no matter their needs, can learn and develop.


SEND Tutoring have been working with us on both Maths and English and to watch the development has been fantastic. Their knowledge of SEND children and their adaptability to each child and their varying needs is amazing and as a parent, I value their opinions and suggestions of support and advocacy groups as well as techniques and support for learning. 


In short, we highly recommend SEND Tutoring.


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