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Harmonising Development: A Conversation with Emma Hutchinson, Founder of Music House for Children


In a captivating episode of SEND Tutoring’s Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Emma Hutchinson, the visionary founder of Music House for Children. With a career spanning over 30 years in music teaching, training, research, and composition, Emma is a stalwart in the field of early childhood music. Join us as we explore the unique offerings of Music House, Emma's experiences, and the transformative impact of music on children, including those with additional needs.

Unveiling Music House for Children:

Emma shared the rich history and ethos behind Music House for Children, a not-for-profit enterprise established in 1994. This organization is not merely a music school; it is a hub for imparting life skills to children through the transformative power of music. Offering courses and sessions for different age groups, Music House is dedicated to sharing its learnings and experiences to create inclusive musical environments that nurture creativity, interaction, and communication.

Addressing Deafness and Music Exposure:

In the second question, Emma delves into her personal experiences and the fascinating article she wrote about deafness in the Music Teacher magazine. She sheds light on how Music House meets the needs of deaf babies and young children. Through innovative approaches, including real school workshops and movement appreciation courses, Music House creates a triangular learning experience involving teachers, parents, and children. The emphasis is on inclusivity, recognizing that babies are born with an innate musical understanding, having experienced sounds in utero.

The Marvels Witnessed at Music House:

Skipping ahead to the third question, Emma recounts some truly wonderful experiences she has witnessed since running Music House. One striking example involves a baby's fear turning into curiosity during a socially distanced class with masks. Emma's musical expression, particularly playing her cornet and raising her eyebrows, led the baby to move towards the sound, highlighting the profound impact of music on even the youngest participants.

Another heartwarming story involves a mother and her baby son, where Emma noticed the transformative journey of bonding and connection over weeks of attending Music House sessions. The third account showcases a teenager with SEN difficulties overcoming challenges to bravely step onto the stage, sing his song, and then, in a moment of vulnerability, run out of the hall. These stories underscore the power of music in fostering connection, healing, and personal growth.


Emma Hutchinson's passion for early childhood music education and her commitment to creating inclusive spaces for all children shine through in this insightful podcast episode. Music House for Children stands as a testament to the transformative power of music, offering a holistic approach that goes beyond musical skills to impart life skills, communication, and inclusivity. We look forward to welcoming Emma back on the podcast for more inspiring conversations and glimpses into the magical world of Music House.

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