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“I have a 7-year-old son with an ASD diagnosis and (as yet undiagnosed) dyslexia. He'd been hugely struggling at school, so I decided to get a weekly specialist tutor to help him with his reading, writing and maths. 


SEND Tutoring has been totally amazing. My son seems to actually enjoy learning for the first time ever!"


“I live abroad and find it difficult to get additional learning support for my son who was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 8. I contacted SEND Tutoring during school holidays who were an enormous help for Toby. The tutor gave remote 1hr lessons via zoom in the afternoons. Toby found the lessons fun, and engaging and she managed to hold his concentration for the full hour... an achievement in itself!"


“SEND Tutoring tutors our son who is on the ASD spectrum. The tutor is wonderful with him, super supportive and clear. It’s lovely to see how much he enjoys their sessions. She covers a range of subjects, is well-prepared and considerate, always makes learning fun, and we’ve found that our son’s confidence has greatly improved, especially in maths. She’s just great!”

Janie and Henry  

Welcome to SEND Tutoring, your exclusive subscription service providing specialised tuition for children with special educational needs and disabilities. Our network of professionals, including SENCOs, Speech & Language Therapists, and Educational Psychologists, offers a wrap-around service designed specifically for your child. Beyond traditional tutoring, our subscription ensures collaboration, creating personalised plans and updates on your child's progress. Elevate your child's education with SEND Tutoring's exclusive services, connecting you with experts committed to success.

Empowering Educational Journeys:
Introducing SEND Tutoring's Exclusive Subscription Service

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SEND Tutoring is here to help your child achieve their highest potential in a positive and supportive environment.

Parent Empowerment:
Navigating SEND with collaborative strategies at SEND Tutoring

Empower yourself as a parent with SEND Tutoring's collaborative approach. We prioritise equipping parents with knowledge and strategies that go beyond traditional tutoring. Our commitment to transparency includes sharing methods employed by our SEND Tutors, ensuring comprehensive support for your child both inside and outside the classroom. Explore how we distinguish ourselves and empower parents to actively support their child's unique needs at home.

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