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Navigating Life with Dyspraxia: A Conversation with Rosemary Richings

Welcome to another insightful episode of SEND Tutoring's Podcast. Today, we are honored to have Rosemary Richings, a distinguished writer, editor, public speaker, and the author of "Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life With Dyspraxia." Rosemary has been a voice for disability and neurodiversity, with her work featured in prominent publications such as Travel + Leisure, Broken Pencil Magazine, and Happiful Magazine. Here's a glimpse of our conversation with Rosemary, where she shared her experiences and insights:

1. What is dyspraxia, and how is it presented?

Rosemary delved into the intricacies of dyspraxia, emphasizing its impact on motor skills and daily tasks. She described the challenges in activities as seemingly simple as bouncing a ball and highlighted the complexity of multitasking and navigating the environment. The temporary freeze or loss of comprehension in certain situations was a relatable aspect she discussed, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the condition.

2. How would you like dyspraxia to be viewed and discussed?

Rosemary emphasised the historical labeling of dyspraxic individuals as having a "clumsy childhood syndrome" and underscored the need for adult advocates to challenge and reshape this narrative. She spoke passionately about fostering a sense of community and the importance of reframing dyspraxia discussions, encouraging a more empathetic and informed perspective.

3. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Reflecting on her journey, Rosemary shared valuable advice about building a supportive community and practicing self-kindness. The mantra "the best you can do" emerged as a guiding principle, promoting self-acceptance and resilience.

It was truly enlightening to hear Rosemary Richings share her experiences and insights on dyspraxia. Her advocacy and work with Dyspraxic Me, a charity for dyspraxic young adults, further demonstrate her commitment to making a positive impact in the neurodiversity space.

If you have a child with dyspraxia and are seeking specialized tuition, don't hesitate to reach out to us at SEND Tutoring.

Thank you, Rosemary, for being a valuable guest on our podcast.

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