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Invisible disabilities week

This happens every year between 15th - 21st October. It’s to help bring invisible disability around the world and to show it does exist and we’re not facing problems alone. It represents the types of conditions out in the world and gives people a better understanding of what disabled people face daily. Some people learn more with awareness online and helps others feel valued as they relate to the same conditions.

This week gives people with disabilities a voice and to be seen. For some people it gives them confidence to talk about their struggles they face daily and hope in the future things changes. It also educates companies and staff about disabilities and how they can support us and what they can change within their companies to welcome more people.

Why I think it’s important to read and spread information about disabilities:

I think its great people raise disability awareness as it’s important that people learn and adapt more. It also helped me in covid feel less alone with the problems I had knowing other experiences it too.

Have you heard what sunflower lanyard is?

Well hopefully you have as it’s important you understand that it’s not only for companies but also for a person. Sunflower lanyards represent invisible disabilities. They came out along time ago before Covid but Covid came and people were using them for the wrong reasons and companies did not understand it. This was sad for me and many others as we face a lot with people asking why we are using it. They are designed to raise awareness when out, to show a person has an invisible disability not only learning or autism, but many other conditions and they need extra time or space. Since Covid the sunflower lanyard website has tried their best to make people aware. Due to this more shops and companies around the world have sunflower stickers this means they are recognised by them, and they are happy to help if you ever need. They also have now included a new range of symbols that go on the lanyard to show what needs you need to have in place.

What does sunflower lanyard mean to me:

I have used the sunflower lanyard a lot, but I still face people who question me, or say things towards me so now when I’m out with family I don’t use it till I feel confident again to use it in places. I have restarted to use it in hospitals but not yet on buses. I think it’s great that there’s more awareness around the sunflower lanyard and it’s coming back since Covid, although I still feel as though more people could be educated. Hopefully in the future I feel confident when I’m out alone in public again.

Thank you for reading the blog if your child has invisible disabilities and other SEND needs and is struggling with school. Please get in touch with SEND Tutoring or

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