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Children in Need

What is Children in Need:

Children in Need is a charity event that helps improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people around the Uk starting back in 1980. It happens every year in November this year it’s held on Friday the 17th. You can watch their inspiring stories on tv such as BBC one and visit their website.

Do you remember in school you dressed up and gave a pound?

What we can do to help:

It’s important to help these children as we see the amazing stories they have, so it’s good to help them especially when they want to grow and achieve things like the rest of us. It’s known for events to happen at school to help fundraise which would include bake sales, craft making etc.

What do I think about it:

I think its lovely and inspiring to see on tv, children sharing their experiences and I do wish things change for the children in need. I also remember when growing up in primary and high school we used to donate a pound and dress up and even buy cakes, wrist bands, Pudsey ears and do some colour sheets.


Overall, I think we should help and donate to charities for children and help raise awareness by trying to take part in children in need such as doing a baking fundraising and get people that donate to do a survey on appearance, texture, taste and scores.

I think this day is important as we are able to improve the lives of many children and young people and ensuring that their childhood is safe, happy, and secure, the day gives children fun opportunities like dressing up, bake sales etc whilst also donating to a charity and is also enjoyable for adults to participate Aswell. The use of Pudsey bear is just as good when it comes to this special day, as it shows the children in need that they are not alone, and it gives them representation in public whilst also providing entertainment on the day to lighten the mood for others.

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you feel inspired to donate to children in need.

If you have a child with a diagnosis of, or possible, special educational needs (SEND) and/or behavioural needs including speech and language delay, focus and concentration difficulties, memory difficulties, sensory processing disorder, autism and high-functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome), ADHD / ADD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, sensory needs, Down’s Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, emotional challenges and other SEND needs please get in touch with SEND Tutoring or
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