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Secondary Tutor


Beginning as a means to fund my master's studies, my tutoring career blossomed into a passionate professional pursuit alongside my academic and teacher training. I earned an MA in Literature from the University of Warwick and an MS in Philosophy from Florida State University. With extensive experience from one-on-one tutoring to classroom teaching, I educate students ranging from early childhood to university levels. My background includes teaching in both mainstream and SEN settings, particularly focusing on students with autism and ADHD. Renowned for crafting enjoyable learning experiences, I have nurtured long-standing educational relationships, helping students significantly surpass their academic expectations.


Online & Face-to-face Sessions
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

£110 per hour

How I Teach Students with Autism

Teaching students with autism requires a deep understanding of their unique skills and challenges, coupled with an approach grounded in respect, patience, and empathy. In my practice, I always treat autistic students as individuals, never talking down to them but rather engaging with them on a level that acknowledges their distinct perspectives and abilities. Over the years, I have developed a strong track record of mentoring autistic students effectively, adapting teaching methods to suit their specific needs and learning styles. During my time in an NTP role at one school, I fostered a significant and positive change in one autistic student's school experience; his attendance skyrocketed from below fifty percent to full attendance. This transformation was not just a testament to his academic progress but also to the trust and comfort he felt in my lessons, reflecting my ability to create a supportive and inclusive educational environment where students feel valued and understood.

How I Teach English

In English, I cover all aspects of the curriculum, from Language to Literature, spanning fiction, non-fiction, creative, and essay writing. I provide clear and detailed feedback in both verbal and written forms, which is particularly beneficial for students outside the mainstream educational track, helping them understand their progress and areas for improvement. This approach has consistently led students to far exceed their predicted grades, achieving exceptional success regardless of their initial working level.

How I Teach Maths

In Maths, lessons begin with a concise review of key concepts, followed by practical application through problem-solving exercises. I emphasize linking mathematical concepts to real-world applications, making lessons more relevant and practically useful. This approach is especially beneficial for students with SEN who might struggle with purely abstract concepts, as it helps them grasp tangible connections. Additionally, this strategy enables me to teach functional skills effectively, ensuring that all students not only prepare for exams but also understand how maths applies in everyday situations. This method deepens their overall understanding and makes learning more accessible and engaging.

How I Teach Children with Focus and Concentration Difficulties

Teaching students with focus and concentration difficulties requires a specialized approach that accommodates their unique needs for structure and engagement. I employ a variety of techniques to capture and maintain their attention, such as breaking down tasks into manageable segments, using visual aids, and incorporating frequent, short breaks to help them reset their focus. Additionally, I integrate their interests into the lessons as much as possible, which helps in retaining their attention and making learning more relevant and exciting. This method not only aids in maintaining focus during our sessions but also encourages the development of self-regulation skills that are essential for their educational and personal growth.

How I Support Children and Young People's Confidence and Self-Esteem

Supporting students' confidence and self-esteem is a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. I recognize that each child's educational journey is unique, and fostering a positive self-image is crucial for their development. By tailoring my teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each student, I create a supportive and affirming environment that celebrates their achievements, big or small. My role as a mentor involves recognizing and drawing out the innate strengths of each student, providing encouragement and praise to build their confidence. This approach not only enhances their academic performance but also contributes to a healthier, more positive self-perception that they carry into all aspects of life.

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