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Primary and Secondary Tutor up to Year 8

New Forest, Southampton, Salisbury

I am passionate about teaching and about ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive in their learning and make excellent progress. I qualified as a teacher from Oxford University in 1995 and since then I have taught children from Year R to Year 13. I have been a deputy-headteacher, have qualified to be a headteacher (gaining the N.P.Q.H. in 2004), and have taught in schools (classes from Years 2 - 6). As well as tutoring, I teach trainee teachers at the University of Winchester in how to support children with SEND.

"She plans excellent creative lessons."



Online & Face-to-face Sessions

8am – 8pm, including weekends.

£110 per hour

How I support children and young people who have Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD

Since qualifying for my level five Dyslexia teaching qualification (with the BDA), I have taught many children and produced specialist programs to support individual learners. I teach in a multi sensory, hands-on way and my teaching is adapted to the needs of the child. Tasks are designed to ensure that learning is memorable and builds on previous experience. I support children to improve their memory and processing speeds spelling, handwriting, reading and working memory. I am also experienced at helping children with study skills and supporting them to be ready for their exams. I have taught many Autistic individuals and tailor lesson lengths and learning to their needs. I find out about their interests and use this to drive learning content. If sessions are face-to-face, parents are welcome to stay in a nearby room with a cup of tea. I have numerous fiddle toys available to help focus and many resources to support learning, e.g. games and coloured overlays.

How I support children and young people in Maths and English

I have been tutoring for over 12 years and have helped children to gain confidence, make progress and gain an enjoyment of Maths and English. I’m aware of the requirements of the National Curriculum and the expectations for children in the different year groups. My work helps children to make rapid progress and gain confidence in their learning in school. I believe in working very closely with parents so that they can support their children and be part of this journey. I set homework after lessons, if required, to help support lesson activities and key learning points.

How I support children and young people who have low self-esteem and confidence

I love working with children and getting to know them. I am also very aware of how to help a child to gain confidence – sometimes starting off with easier work so that they see they can do it; sometimes showing children something that looks difficult (making them realise that they can achieve this). It’s a privileged position to be in and I work closely with parents, together as a team. have a very positive mindset myself which impacts my learners. I am a glass half full person and always see the best in any situation.

I try to be creative in the learning experiences I give children. This is often very personalised to the individual child. I try to find out children’s interests and tailor learning around them – especially for reluctant readers. I know that all children work in different ways whether this is online or face-to-face and try to use learning styles that support children to enjoy the tasks they are given.

When working from home with me, children have a quiet and calm environment, and if they like dogs, my dog, Saffie (a very well-behaved golden retriever) loves learning too. Saffie has been tutoring since she was a puppy and loves being around children! Online, I try to make learning fun by breaking up tasks with online games and interactive activities. I have a wealth of resources at my fingertips and a wealth of knowledge regarding children’s next steps in learning.

I am a teacher that still loves to teach, and I’m honoured to have a job where I can make a difference to young minds.


I hold a B’Ed hons (Oxon) with qualified teacher status and have completed a level five Dyslexia teaching qualification for teaching as well as a level two Autism qualification.

My specialism: Dyslexia, 11+ tutoring, Autism, ADHD and Maths and English support

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