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Primary and Secondary Tutor

SE London - Bexley, Greenwich, Dartford, Lewisham, Southwark

I have taught Primary and Secondary students for more than ten years. I have taught in Mainstream Schools and Alternative Provisions (APs), including Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), and a Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) school. I have been a Private Tutor for more than five years, and I am a SENCo at a children’s charity, too.

I have experience teaching students with SEN, in particular: ASD, ADHD, ADD, OD, SEMH, and SLCN.

"She leads by example and goes that extra mile for everyone she works with"



Online & Face-to-face Sessions

Weekdays - 9 am - 5 pm

£105 per hour

How I support children and young people who have autism

I am a calm and understanding tutor who forms strong, positive relationships with all her students. I have a wealth of experience teaching students with ASD, including teaching at an ASD school and being a 1:1 ASD Support Worker. I ensure I develop mutual trust and respect, which I believe is an imperative prerequisite to any learning journey. I get to know my students on a personal level, and I’m invested in them as people; as individual, incredible beings.

I optimise learning by having all the resources necessary to meet each student’s needs - whether that be a Now and Next board, a visual timetable, sand timers, fidget toys, or mood boards, creating an environment in which students feel safe, listened to, and one which encourages clear routines and boundaries.

I offer lessons that are engaging, exciting, and that provide adequate challenge. I ensure they focus on the acquisition of life skills, and provide lots of opportunities for students to feel more independent and confident.

How I support children and young people who need Maths help

I teach Maths using a range of manipulatives, encouraging greater participation, and allowing students to investigate and test their answers. I ask them how they work answers out, and what keywords mean, to help develop their thinking and vocabulary. I appeal to all learners, whether auditory or kinesthetic, for example, by adding variety and variation to each lesson.

How I support children and young people who need help with English

In English, I focus on incorporating students’ interests to help them learn basic skills. For instance, if they love trains, I’d make sure reading and writing lessons were largely planned around this. I employ creative ways to help students write sentences, such as drawing story maps, using role play, finger puppets and video clips, and providing lots of opportunities for students to speak and discuss their ideas before getting them onto paper.

For English lessons, I use aids such as recording devices (so myself and students can say phrases and sentences before writing them), wide-ruled lined paper, and cutting and sticking activities to help organise ideas, especially when writing stories.

How I support children and young people who have concentration difficulties

Having had more than ten years’ experience working with SEND students, I use a range of approaches that help them focus. These include working in short bursts, with regular breaks in between, ensuring there are plenty of visual aids and practical activities, and using my professional judgement to know when to change/adapt an activity.

How I support children and young people who have low confidence

I create a learning space that is open, safe, and fun. My students are free to speak their minds, ask questions, be cr no eative, and make mistakes! I use an active approach to learning that incorporates collaboration and experimentation - allowing students to try and test different methods, and come to their own conclusions.





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