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Laura V

Primary Tutor

West Midlands

Having created, developed and led curriculums for children working pre–National Curriculum, I break down long term outcomes into tiny steps, making learning as engaging, personalized, effective and consistent as possible for each individual child.

Using songs, objects, 1:1 adult interaction and lots of repetition enables children with the most complex learning needs to begin to make sense of their immediate world around them. The ability to be able to generalize learning is often a difficult one, therefore I ensure that activities, knowledge and skills are taught in a variety of contexts to really consolidate learning.

"Laura understands the importance of relationships and engaging children’s learning"



Online & Face-to-face Sessions

Term Time only:
Thursday: 10-2
Friday: 10-2

£110 per hour

How I teach children with profound and multiple learning difficulties

Teaching children with PMLD is my absolute passion. Using TAC PAC, Music interaction songs, Objects of Reference, movement through dance, exploration of tactile sensory baskets, scents and tastes (For those that are able) allow each child to show a response, a like or a dislike and opens up the ability to be able to make choices in their world.
Ensuring positioning, physiotherapy, vision and hearing skills from the relevant professionals are incorporated into learning is vital to create a seamless and holistic learning environment for the child. I have lots of experience in breaking down the long term outcomes from an EHCP into manageable, daily, cross curricular steps.

How I teach children with special learning difficulties

Having taught primary aged children working pre- National Curriculum, the use of a total communication system is paramount. Objects, photos, symbols, communication books in conjunction with building in any sensory integration programs, physiotherapy and hearing/visual needs is what I believe are the foundations to successful learning. Consistency, repetition and engaged learners are then able to have the best chance at learning new skills. Songs, use of picture cues, cross curricular learning broken down into very small, manageable steps mean children are able to piece learning together bit by bit over time.

How I engage children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and special learning difficulties

Following an article that I wrote that was published in PMLD Link journal entitled; ‘Using Characteristics of Effective Learning to teach, motivate and engage learners with PMLD’ I have further linked the engagement profile to really understand how children with PMLD and SLD are the most engaged. I truly believe that the more engaged a child is through different ways of learning, through both enabling environments and positive relationships the better they are going to learn. This isn’t always that easy to pick out with some children with the most complex needs, I’m able to suggest activities and complete observations in order to see how children learn best and how their current ways of learning can help them learn in other ways too!

How I encourage process over product

I feel very strongly about children of all abilities, whether they have additional SEND or not should be focusing on the process of their learning and not the ‘end’ product. Children need to learn to have a go, get it wrong, learn from their mistakes, create independent, individual and unique work. Through this process much more learning will take place than if an adult does the activity for them e.g. using a hand-over-hand approach. It may create a nice looking piece of art at the end but there is likely to have been less learning taking place.
If however, a child used eye gaze to make marks on the screen or kicked their legs or smeared their hands in some cold, wet paint whilst watching their marks or making a response to the cold stimuli and THEN an adult cut out their work into a lovely piece of art; that’s a double winner! – Product for a keepsake and purposeful learning.

How I train and coach staff

As a senior leader and Head of Teaching and Learning at a special school, I deliver a range of training, both to school staff and externally. I provide training to a range of professionals and to parents through both formal and informal approaches e.g.teams, face to face presentations, activities and challenges, through watching video footage back. I try and ensure those working with children with PMLD and SLD can understand the priority aspects in the child’s life and learn how to focus on different aspects of their learning. Also to truly observe and reflect on the child’s responses, no matter how small.

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