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Primary or Secondary Tutor

SW London - Hampton, Teddington, Kingston, Twickenham, Richmond, North Sheen

I have 14 years’ experience as a qualified practitioner in education and hold the Level 5 Certificate in Dyslexia Support and Intervention (ATS), PGCE in Secondary Modern languages Teaching (QTS) and a qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language (CELTA).

I believe that every child should have the opportunity to thrive and make progress. In order to do so, they must enjoy learning, feel supported, safe and encouraged to take risks. I enjoy building strong working relationships with each individual pupil; identifying their unique strengths and challenges, and using these insights to support and plan effective, multisensory personalised learning programmes.

I possess extensive knowledge and practical expertise teaching, and supporting children with dyslexia, as well as ASD, ADHD and social, emotional and mental health difficulties.


Online & Face-to-face Sessions

Wednesdays and Thursdays 10:00-16:00

£110 per hour

How I teach students with dyslexia and literacy difficulties

I begin by key identifying key areas of challenge for each student and use insights gained from placement tests, EHCP recommendations and discussions with the learner to create highly individualised personal learning programmes. I use a cumulative, multisensory approach to support specific phonological awareness difficulties, address gaps or weaknesses in literacy skills and support processing difficulties. Tasks are designed to build on previous experience and provide overlearning opportunities to promote automaticity.

I ensure students are actively engaged in the learning process through using discovery learning techniques. Furthermore, by getting to know each student, I am able to tailor lesson resources to reflect individual interests and select activities which best appeal to learning strengths. Students are also provided with study skills support so that they can develop strategies in areas of learning they find difficult.

How I teach children and young people to develop their independence skills

I help pupils understand their own learning strengths and develop strategies and study skills to support areas of difficulty. Through reflecting on how they best learn and equipping them with the tools to help themselves, pupils are empowered and become more efficient learners who are able to make connections and approach future scenarios with greater confidence and independence.

How I support a child’s confidence and self-esteem

Confidence and self-esteem are prerequisites for effective learning and are fundamental to the overall wellbeing of pupils. I foster an environment in which my students feel supported, safe and are encouraged to take risks. All achievements are acknowledged and celebrated, no matter their size. I ensure that goals are realistic and that pupils adopt a growth mindset.

I am mindful of the impact that feelings of stress, anxiety or confusion can have on pupils, and, as a L3 qualified coach, I’m able to suggest effective strategies and to aid self-regulation and build feelings of control, motivation and empowerment.

How I create fun lessons that impart knowledge

I’m an enthusiastic, energetic teacher. I use interactive technology, tactile-learning and a variety of games, lesson materials and content to create enjoyable lessons in which students have fun and make progress. Pupils’ learning strengths are carefully considered when planning lessons, and resources are designed to engage multiple senses and reflect personal interests.

How I support students with focus and concentration difficulties

I clearly define and communicate my own expectations for behaviour and tasks. Instructions are simple and concise to avoid information overload and tasks are broken down into manageable chunks. I’ll often ask students to repeat key information to check their understanding. My lessons use clear routines and transitions between activities. Students are given visual timetables so that they can anticipate which activities will follow and have access to tools such as egg timers during individual tasks. I plan varied, interactive activities which ensure pupils have opportunities to move around the room and also allow for movement breaks to help with grounding and regaining focus.

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