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KS1, KS2, KS3 tutor

Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes and wider area

After coming to England, I explored my passion for contemporary dance with a Rambert Dance studio, while getting familiar with England NC. I obtained my QTS and worked as a specialist support teacher with a high functioning autistic student, while he attended a highly demanding academic school supporting him in his academic skills and social and emotional demands within the school environment. I taught in one of the most successful independent SEN schools in London, in which I have been working for over 7 years. During this time I have been working with top therapists, educational psychologists and LA and trained in strategies that are supporting students with specific learning difficulties. I have been leading and managing a number of professionals and trained PGCE students in becoming teachers that have a greater understanding of students with additional needs.

"She takes time to get to know and understand the children she is working with and is insightful on how to get them working and moving them forwards."



Online & Face-to-face Sessions
Thursday: 10am - 7pm
Friday: 4pm - 7pm

£110 per hour

My expertise

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Emotional Regulation, PDA, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia, Speech and language and communication difficulties,
Homeschooling programs, academic tutor (7+, 9+, 11+, 13+)

How I teach students with learning difficulties

Having worked in two London SEN schools, I acquired proficiency in handling the complicated, yet important, mission of teaching children with Special Educational Needs and encouraged
students to develop emotionally, socially, and academically, according to their individual needs and abilities. I have experience in planning and preparing individualised and differentiated lessons and materials for SEN students.

In recent years I have become an independent tutor and a mentor for students across all Key stages (KS1,KS2 and KS3). I work closely with some of the best independent preparatory schools in London and have successfully prepared students for their 7+ , 11+ and 13+ exams;
supported them in learning strategies which allowed my students to perform to their highest ability and manage/overcome their additional needs.

As a SEN teacher/mentor, I always deliver highly individualised and tailored sessions. In addition, I always adapt my teaching methods for unforeseen and unexpected situations, whilst
making sure that the student’s needs are met; which may include dealing with their sensory needs, behaviour difficulties and/or low self-esteem as well as their academic abilities.
I teach in an organised and structured way, yet always allowing students to be creative and having creativity, and holistic approach at the centre of my teaching methods. I use multisensory teaching whenever it is needed and appropriate.

Teaching philosophy

My aim is to always encourage my students to develop emotionally, socially, and academically, in line with their individual needs. I learnt the importance of holistic approach and use of mindfulness as part of everyday life in education. I believe each child can learn and achieve their full potential. Building self-esteem is the first step towards their success. I believe students learn best when his/her individual interests incorporate multisensory teaching and
integrated therapy.


I understand the importance of building confidence in English skills from a very young age, supporting them with creating the correct sentence structure, imaginative vocabulary and comprehending reading materials.


I support my students in understanding their core skills, showing them working out and working in a structured and methodical way.

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