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Primary and Secondary

Sussex and Kent

I began my professional career as a social worker, working with children and families and became a teacher, which had always appealed to me, in 2002. Having created, developed and led curriculums, in all subjects for primary with a focus on Science, Phonics and PSHE, I am confident with teaching in all areas of the curriculum. In Secondary schools I have led Science, PSHE and English, therefore, bring a plethora of skills and knowledge to share with you. I have worked with both children and young people, from Pre-National Curriculum to QTS, GCSE Levels & Further Education.

I can assess children's and young people's needs at the pre-EHCP level and can propose and write Key Stage changes for (LTO’s)Long Term Outcomes in an EHCP. I can also break down the long-term outcomes, into yearly targets and break them down further into termly, or short-term targets/goals. I would make these personalised and effective for each learner, tailored to their own needs.


Mon - Sat: Anytime
Sundays: 9-1pm
Online & Face-to-face Sessions

£110 per hour

My expertise

I have substantial and successful teaching experience across all age ranges. I specialise and have practical experience in the following: PMLD, ASD, ADHD, DCD, AVPD, ODD, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, dystonia, brain injuries, SEMH pupils and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, including any behavioural and emotional regulation issues.

How I teach students with autism

I have worked with Autistic children for many years and in various settings; privately in peoples homes and in primary and secondary settings. For those children with a diagnoses and EHCP plan, I follow the plan that is in place and give direction as to what I believe the next steps should be at a Key Stage change. I am able to set short and long term targets and would focus on a pupils specific needs. There is such a wide range of abilities with Autistic pupils, that I would begin by finding out their likes and dislikes, any sensory & cognitive needs and plan accordingly. I can meet the national curriculum and also pre-curriculum levels with a variety of fun and educational activities, i.e. cooking, art, hook ideas into the pupils’ likes. n KS1, 2, 3 and 4 I was the Lead Teacher in Science and PSHE for the school (leading several classes with TA’s. As an experienced SEND teacher, I have made recommendations and implemented strategies on EHCPs, to support children to reach their true potential, developing their social skills, communication skills, ability to emotionally regulate and improve both fine and gross motor skills. Not all of the pupils I have worked with had EHCP’s in place, I can therefore assess areas for development without a plan in place.

How I teach Maths

I have experience in teaching Maths at all levels within primary and secondary and I am passionate about making it an enjoyable learning experience for my students. I achieve this by incorporating a variety of songs, games, and practical activities; cooking, painting, making objects and using manipulatives to capture their interests. My teaching methodology focuses on fostering meaningful connections to maths in our everyday lives. I would encourage problem-solving abilities and equip students with step-by-step strategies to increase confidence and willingness.
I would assess and build upon existing knowledge and address gaps in understanding, I have successfully supported many children to feel prepared for and to take and pass the the SATS, functional skills, AQA and GCSE Mathematics.

How I teach English

I enjoy and have a strong history of teaching reading and writing, from phonics to AQA/GCSE levels. To maximise my impact and establish a foundation for a love of reading, writing and talking/listening skills, I embrace a variety of creative techniques to ensure a comprehensive and kinaesthetic learning experience for my students. I encourage fun and interactive activities and base sessions around the texts that the pupil shows an interest in. Music, modelling and role-play are powerful tools in my teaching toolkit, allowing students to immerse themselves in different scenarios. Having this hands-on approach boosts their confidence and encourages creativity.
Alongside traditional methods, I incorporate visual tools such as Colourful Semantics and Widgets to enhance understanding. Using these approaches has enabled me to support children to become proficient readers and writers, with all of my pupils passing their SAT’s, Functional Skills and GCSE’s, as well as AQA’s (Basic Skills, Functional Skills and higher).

How I teach children with focus and concentration difficulties

Supporting children with concentration difficulties is a vital aspect of my teaching approach. To help children thrive, I create a structured and predictable environment with clear routines and visual timetables. Breaking tasks into small steps allows shorter bursts of focus and reduces feelings of being overwhelmed. I like to incorporate children’s interests and multi-sensory techniques, such as hands-on activities and sensory experiences, to keep children engaged in learning. Movement or brain breaks also help with grounding and refocusing. A gentle re-assurance works to keep pupils focused and I make sure that the lessons are individualised to their likes, therefore increasing concentration and general awareness.

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