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Primary Tutor

Beckenham, Kent

I qualified with a 4 year bachelor education primary from Southern Cross University Australia in 2016 and have been teaching in a variety of settings in both Australia and the UK. Experience with ESL, gifted & talented, low socio economic and SEN and other contexts has encouraged me to consider the strategies I use to ensure every child I teach reaches their full potential. As an inclusion teacher, I have seen the success of individualised and intensive programs that I have specifically developed to increase pupil outcomes and confidence across the curriculum. Recently, I have enhanced my practice from working at an SEN school and delivering engaging, differentiated lessons to suit the needs of each child.

"She is excellent at interacting with children with special needs and forming great relationships with them as well as their parents."



Online & Face-to-face Sessions
Mon - Fri from 4pm onwards

£110 per hour

My Experience

Over the past seven years I have taught in a variety of settings including hospital schools, mainstream, SEN, forest school, inner city and regional Australia. Within each setting, it has been
essential that I have understood the needs of my students. The predominate pupil experience that
I have includes;
- Diabetes
- Trauma
- Non verbal
- Anxiety
- Epilepsy
- Emotional Regulation
Some of the strategies that have supported pupil progress include:
- Colour semantics
- Widget Go
- Makaton & PECs
- Sensory circuits and movement breaks
- Flexible seating and fidgets
- Zones of Regulation
- Growth Mindset

How I support children and young people with emotional needs

Supporting pupils to self regulate and better understand their emotions has demonstrated excellent holistic and academic results for many of my pupils. Using Zones of Regulation and allowing pupils time to ‘check in’ using a variety of stage appropriate resources has helped them identify how they are feeling and what they need to find their base line to be ‘ready to learn’. In my experience, many pupils with SEN can have difficulty self regulating and when a child is not emotionally calm, they often can’t learn to their full potential. Mindfulness tasks also support children in regulating, as well as using routine and structure.

How I support children and young people with autism

Teaching and supporting pupils with autism is a rewarding opportunity that I have found relies on building a strong, respectful relationship with the student. Routine, and predictability can all be excellent strategies to support learning and often visual timetables, now/ next boards and timers can support this process. Additionally, having an understanding for how the pupil prefers to communicate and how this may impact or require the learning to be modified can help their engagement. Understanding the level of sensory input a child needs can also in help tailoring activities and environments that are better suited to their learning needs. Often times, children with autism will respond well to a low stimulus environment, with little unnecessary visual input.

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