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My consultant expertise

With 34 years of teaching experience, I have specialised in supporting individuals with autism and special educational needs. Throughout my career, I have served as a SENCO, providing specialised assistance to students. I have also held leadership roles as Deputy Head, Acting Head, and Assistant Head Teachers. My expertise extends to supporting parents, as I have worked as a parent adviser, guiding them through the challenges of raising a child with autism.

I have handled EHCP and Statement applications, ensuring that students receive the necessary educational provisions. Additionally, I have 10 years of tutoring experience, offering personalized support to students to help them reach their full potential. Working as a One Plan/IEP Assessor for 20 years, I have developed effective strategies to meet students' individual needs and support their learning and development.

Recognising the significance of parental support, I have spent 30 years as a parenting skills tutor and supporter, empowering parents with the tools to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child with autism. Over the course of my career, I have also worked as a specific needs assessor of teaching and learning and have substantial experience working with individuals with ADHD and PDA.

My consultant expertise working with children and young people who have Autism

I have so much experience working with children who have an ASD diagnosis, I understand that difficulties parents face when battling to get the support their child so desperately needs, and I am here to help. I have unique parenting strategies and techniques that I can offer parents, as well as a bespoke curriculum that supports children from those who are non verbal to high functioning.
I have many anecdotes that can explain my experience, but treat every child as an individual, so I find it important to only use anecdotes where they are relevant to the case I am currently supporting.

My consultant expertise working with children and young people who have Dyslexia

I have a wealth of experience in assessing and teaching dyslexia and can diagnose dyslexia in children up to the age of 18. I have experience supporting children who experience a range of dyslexic ‘symptoms’ and can help with coloured overlay assessments, specific needs curriculum and coping strategies for school spelling tests!! I enjoy promoting reading with children who think they hate reading, and can usually find a way to encourage a love of books and learning with every child I encounter.

My consultant expertise working with children and young people who need General Assessments

As part of knowing a lot about dyslexia, and understanding that every child is unique, I have worked hard on understanding the aspects of difficulties that come from and are linked with dyslexia. For example, dyscalculia, (that I can also screen for), memory loss, temporal knowledge deficit, working memory, cross lateral effects, understanding of dyspraxia and also verbal dyspraxia. It has been important for me to expand my experience with dyslexia into associated disorders as they do tend to overlap.

My consultant expertise working with children and young people who have ADHD

My experience with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD is varied and extensive. I understand PDA and know it exists. I believe in supporting parents in helping them open the eyes of the school to the battles parents face at home on a daily basis. I don’t believe drugs are the answer to ADHD, or PDA, but support parents wholeheartedly who see no other option open to them. I have experience supporting parents, teachers and children who struggle with the symptoms of ADHD and PDA, and have had a lot of success in diet related treatments as well as strategy based ones. It is important to understand that attention deficit is very different the hyperactivity disorder, however, many people think they are the same. My experience with both has meant that I understand how differently the two aspects of ADHD should be treated.


Thursday: 5-7pm
Friday: 5-7pm
Saturday: 12-4pm

£110 per hour

Primary Teacher & Dyslexia Consultant



I believe working with children is a privilege and honour. I strive to make a difference in the lives of children and promote a love of learning. I believe in celebrating success and learning from failure. Allowing children to explore their learning without criticism or fear of failure.

‘Suzanna is always punctual, reliable and goes the extra mile. She's quick to build a rapport with students and families who really appreciate her nurturing and holistic approach'






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