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My experience of working with children:My consultant expertise with children

I am known for my multisensory approach to teaching where using hands-on activities and games is key. As well as supporting executive functioning skills in order to attain academic progress. I make my lessons fun and interactive so that children enjoy learning, look forward to our lessons and retain the knowledge. Through numerous years of experience teaching children to read and write, I have developed a literacy model that utilises both phonics and whole word teaching but most importantly is bespoke for the individual child’s way of learning.

Developing number sense is paramount for efficient calculating and computing and I often simultaneously teach higher level topics alongside basic numeracy such as number bonds to ten or 100. I teach maths using a considerable number of manipulatives in order to develop a concrete understanding of the topic and provide resources to reduce the cognitive load and strain on working memory whilst teaching more complex skills.

I write my own books for and about my pupils to engage them and so they can practice specific words, spelling patterns and phonological skills.

My consultant expertise working with schools

Most of my pupils attend mainstream schools, and I see them during the school day to help them gain confidence and fill the gaps in their reading, writing and maths. I utilise techniques that support weak working memory and slower processing and incorporate physical exercises provided by occupational therapists to enhance learning. Additionally, I advise teachers and SENDCos on the best ways to teach those particular pupils and suggest classroom and schoolwide accommodations.

My consultant expertise working with parents and families

There are many joys associated with parenting a neurodivergent child, but also challenges and learning of a child’s diagnosis can be overwhelming. My role is to help the parent understand how being autistic and ADHD impacts your child and family, what your child is trying to communicate, and offer practical suggestions for implementing appropriate accommodations at home and school. I can help you understand the most effective and efficient ways to communicate with your children.

A common trait in neurodivergent individuals is a challenge with executive functioning skills - the ability to organise, prioritise, plan and regulate themselves. As a certified executive function coach, I offer consultations to parents through an executive function lens. I draw from my experience as a specialist teacher by showing parents how to scaffold and build from small successes to achieve larger goals.

Sometimes, people come for a consultation because they want specific advice, to unpick a particular challenge or general tips or information. I enjoy offering realistic advice and reassurance and helping parents figure out the way forward.

A large part of my role as a specialist teacher is to help the families that I support communicate their concerns about and ambitions for their children to school. A parent’s input to their child’s provision is essential, and I support parents advocating for their children. Conversely, I also help schools communicate with and manage parents’ expectations.

My consultant expertise to enable children and young people to reach their full potential

I am a specialist autism and ADHD consultant and advisor supporting children, parents and schools. My professional experience and high level of training, combined with my personal and lived experience of neurodivergence, enable me to relate to and maximise the potential of the children and families I work with. When I am not advising and consulting families and schools, I teach and coach neurodivergent children one-to-one both in and out of school.

My goal is to help autistic and ADHD children succeed. I am experienced with recognising the subtle ways neurodivergence presents, resulting in the gender gap in diagnosis and support. I am well aware of the unique academic and mental health challenges associated with sensory overload, masking, and anxiety commonly experienced by autistic and ADHD individuals. I am here to provide you with adaptations and accommodations to your routine and home life to reduce the cognitive and emotional load you and your children may be experiencing.


I trained as a teacher at Brandeis University (USA) and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Education in 2003. Working with neurodivergent children, inspired me to complete an M.Ed. in Autism in Children at the University of Birmingham. I hold an M.A. in Dyslexia. In addition, I have an ADHD training certification and an Executive Function coaching certification.


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£110 per hour

Primary Teacher & Autism and ADHD Consultant


Northwest London

In 2010, after teaching in state, independent and international schools in London, I began working as a homeschool teacher and private tutor. Most children I homeschooled were autistic/ ADHD/ dyslexic and had been asked to leave school. I am an executive functioning coach and work with secondary school pupils, managing their workload and time management. As a consultant, I hold a unique combination of experiences. As a teacher and a parent of autistic and ADHD children and I, myself, have ADHD, I can empathise with whichever perspective the families and teachers I support come from.

"Jenny always found a way to explain my son's challenging behaviour without blaming him or us and instead gave us solid, practical advice."






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