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Season 1 Episode 6B - SEND Tutoring talks to Jaymie mother of autistic twins and her fight to get th

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Today on SEND Tutoring’s Podcast we have Jaymie, who’s 44 yr old and mother to twins, all of whom are Autistic with ADHD. This week’s episode is a double episode lasting 37 minutes and 4 seconds.

We listened to Jaymie tell us about her twins and their story, which I know will resonate with a lot of our listeners. The issues she encountered with their Primary school and Headteacher made life very difficult for Jaymie and her children whilst trying to get them the help they deserved and needed.

Raising an EHCP is not for the faint-hearted as anyone in the process can tell you but raising two is a mammoth undertaking not least when the SENCO and school are not supportive and the system itself is designed to delay the process.

It’s a testament to Jaymie’s indomitable spirit and hard work to get the help she needs for both of her children.

Listening to her whilst recording makes you think how on earth the people in charge can allow this to happen but of course, anyone who’s been through this can identify with many of the pointless barriers that need to be overcome and how much of an advocate the parents must play in order to gain an EHCP and the funding for EOTAS.

It will come as no surprise that Jaymie and her family are not quite at the finish line, yes they have been granted both EHCPs but the funding for EOTAS has not been finalised and neither has any money been released for the twin's education. Her story is not yet over….

Ahead of time, I sent her three questions, which were:

1. Please can you tell the listeners a short synopsis of your story?

2. What was the outcome of the 2nd of October's hearing?

3. What advice would you give other parents?

There were a few things that came up whilst recording and subsequently afterward that I thought were important to include.

  • Jaymie used the Right to Choose through the NHS enabling her to get a faster Autism and ADHD diagnosis for both her twins.

  • She requested a subject access request (SAR) in order to get all the correspondence in school regarding her twins. She was able to find out through SAR that the Primary school the twins attended had reported her to Social Services.

  • Jaymie was not a fan of ELSA the Primary school her twins attended and subsequently received. The acronym stands for Emotional Literacy Support Assistants. Often in schools assistants are given some training about how to work with children struggling with emotional issues and they carry out interventions that support children’s mental health. Taken from Google - ELSAs are emotional literacy support assistants. They are teaching assistants who have had special training from educational psychologists to support the emotional development of children and young people in school. ELSAs have regular professional supervision from educational psychologists to help them in their work.

  • Jaymie has had to give up her work in order to look after the twins and receives the DLA benefit which stands for Disability Living Allowance that in part pays towards the activities the twins do during the week - coding, forest school, and climbing that all appeal to the twins and enable them to interact with others but also importantly lessen the demands that school had laid upon them.

Hopefully, we’ll talk to Jaymie in the future and she will have good news to tell us.

Thank you so much Jaymie for coming on to SEND Tutoring’s Podcast, we hold you in our thoughts and wish you the best of luck getting your EOTAS package.

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