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Tiered Subscriptions

Welcome to SEND Tutoring's subscription model. Choose a plan below for self-employed tutors and specialists tailored to your needs. Our Director, Ione Inness is available to discuss your requirements and guide your selection. Payment is required before services start, with plans on a rolling monthly basis. Automatic renewal occurs unless cancelled with 14 days' notice. Initial subscriptions can be cancelled within the first 14 days, with deductions for services performed at our discretion.

Unreceived entitlements roll over to the next month. Prices include VAT. 

Explore the tiers and empower your child's education with SEND Tutoring.

Find a SEND Tutor

Find a SEND Consultant

4 bespoke one-hour lessons monthly, tailored to your child's unique SEND requirements, conducted one-to-one or online.

Monthly 1-hour follow-up with your tutor for progress updates, delivered via email functionality or face-to-face at your home after any lesson. Feedback delivery method chosen by the tutor.

All Bronze features included.


Two hours per month with a dedicated SEND Specialist, accessible via email and/or video call. SEND Specialists may include speech and language therapists, dyslexia assessors, or autism experts. This service complements the role of tutors, as our SEND tutors possess teaching degrees with Qualified Teaching Status and expertise in SEND or relevant qualifications.

All Silver features included.

Access to the expertise of two SEND Consultants, each offering two hours per month through email and/or video call. These Consultants may specialise in speech and language therapy, dyslexia assessment, or autism expertise. Their service is distinct from that of tutors, as all SEND tutors hold a teaching degree with Qualified Teaching Status and possess experience or qualifications in SEND.

  • Encompasses all features outlined below.

  • Priced at £1200 per month.




Additional single hourly individual lessons with your SEND Tutor £105

Additional single hourly sessions with your SEND Specialist £110


Speech and Language Assessments £800 including out-of-pocket expenses

Dyslexic Assessments £650 including out-of-pocket expenses

Dyscalculia Assessments £650 including out-of-pocket expenses

Specialist consultant £110-180


Typically there are two structures for the consultant/s session; A or B we have found A works for many parents  


A: Ahead of the session parents send the specialist/s the assessments/EHCP. The 1st half of the first session is spent discussing the two or three points the parents would like to follow up on in the following session. In the second half of the session, the meeting with the parent ends and the specialist/s reads the report/assessment. 


Second session: The consultant/s discusses the two or three points previously raised for the first half of the session. In the last part of the session the consultant/s fields questions and opens up a discussion. A further two or three points are highlighted for discussion for the following month. 


B: Parents meet the consultant/s via Zoom and discuss what their expectations are for the sessions. EHCP or Assessments are shared and the session finishes after an hour. 


During the second session, the specialist/s reads the EHCP or Assessment for the first forty minutes and takes notes independently. During the final twenty minutes, the specialist/s and parents discuss general aspects of the EHCP or Assessment. And two or three items are highlighted to discuss in the next session. 

What is the structure of the consultant/s session?

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