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What is a SEND tutor?

Updated: May 3, 2023

A special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) tutor is someone with qualifications and/ or experience who provides tailored one-to-one tuition to a child who isn’t accessing mainstream education to the same degree as their peers.

It could be that the key to unlocking their potential has yet to surface. Often, classroom teachers don’t have the time to home in on the child’s strengths – and that’s where SEND Tutoring comes in.

We provide highly trained tutors who have SEND qualifications and qualified teacher status (QTS), ensuring that your child receives personalised help that plays to their strengths and builds on their existing skills – enabling them to achieve their highest potential.

For example, to teach a child the numbers one to 10 there are countless methods: Numicon, interlocking blocks, counters, fingers, abacus, beads… the list is endless. Our tutors will try different methods and see which ones the child is drawn to, utilising those that are most suited to the child’s way of learning. Often with SEND children the best learning methods are kinaesthetic, and these techniques can be used to teach not only mathematical concepts but also literacy, science and humanities.

All of our tutors come highly recommended and have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to ensure that SEND Tutoring gives your child the best possible learning experience.

To discuss how SEND Tutoring can help your child, please call me on 0203 4413097 or 07956 501163 or email

Looking for personalized support to help your child succeed? Meet Becky, a literacy teacher for 29+ years and with SEN children, teenagers and undergraduates with a range of individual needs, including dyslexia, ADHD, and ASC. Learn more about Becky and how she can make a difference in your child's education journey: Becky

I have an 8 year old son with an ASD, ADHD AND dyslexia. He’d been hugely struggling at school, so I decided to get a weekly specialist tutor to help him with his reading, writing and maths. SEND Tutoring has been totally amazing. My son seems to actually enjoy learning for the first time ever! Anna Samuel
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