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What is a quality education?

Updated: May 3, 2023

According to the United Nations, “A quality education is one that focuses on the whole child – the social, emotional, mental, physical and cognitive development of each student regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or geographic location. It prepares the child for life, not just for testing.”

Quality education for all

These words make it clear that all children, not just those from high-income families, should have access to a high-quality and pedagogically sound education. It’s a well-founded sentiment and I agree with its premise. However, I feel that the only way to truly reach all children and cater to the needs of every one of them is to strip it back and look at the skills that are needed to provide quality education in the first place.

For starters you need a well-informed and highly skilled workforce. Teachers who are experienced working with all types of children. Teachers with knowledge of attachment disorders and child development, particularly in the early years. And you need teachers who have an understanding of the wide range of special educational needs that many children are diagnosed with and/or the signs to look out for in order to tailor lessons to help each child fulfil their potential – and so deliver a ‘quality education.’

Quality education solutions

That’s where SEND Tutoring comes in. We provide highly skilled teachers who have many of the attributes mentioned above. Our teachers not only have an understanding of the whole child, but they’ve also studied in the field and are passionate about the children they teach. Our one-to-one holistic approach is for the child and nothing but the child.

Looking for personalized support to help your child succeed? Meet Jose, she ensures children feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. Learn more about Jose and how she can make a difference in your child's education journey: Jose

I have an 8 year old son with an ASD, ADHD AND dyslexia. He’d been hugely struggling at school, so I decided to get a weekly specialist tutor to help him with his reading, writing and maths. SEND Tutoring has been totally amazing. My son seems to actually enjoy learning for the first time ever! Anna Samuel
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