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Tesnews - no male teachers

I’m a swearer, anyone who knows me would say this. I never swear in the company of those I teach except for my godson who I’ve known all his life and only recently started teaching. He already knew me as his sweary godmother so I didn’t have anything to hide. Every week, after school we spend an hour together looking at texts and different types of writing to help him in his.

In one of our lessons unprompted by me he said that he’d had one male teacher during primary school and then corrected himself, and said there’d been one teaching assistant who was male. In a primary school of 200 children and a staffing of 30, one of those was male. Last week tes news stated that one in three primary schools does not have a male classroom teacher although I feel like the statistics are much higher it doesn’t surprise me in the least. Frankly, it surprises me that women or indeed anyone would continue to go into the profession when it’s so underpaid and overworked but it is a sobering thought that men are not attracted to working their f@£king socks off for *uck all pay.

I don’t really have a point to make, albeit, I don’t see why anyone in this day and age would go into mainstream teaching. It’s too hard, it’s political inside and outside of the classroom, everyone is fed up, there are little to no reports of teachers loving their job. Social media reports what the papers say and teachers are leaving the profession in droves, including the small number of men…..

Maybe, this will work out favorably as the further down we go the closer we come to the end. Hopefully, at some point in the near future teachers' pay will be realised and reflected in their take home pay. Although, like the small amount of male teachers, the chances are growing f%$@ing smaller day by day.

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