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Support Children in Early Years

Tania Tirraro the Director of Special Needs Jungle wrote a post last week about new research highlighting that funding that supports children with special needs from an early age benefits society as a whole.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that early intervention is the best type of intervention. Help that starts early, is consistent and continues throughout your childhood and adolescence is bound to have an overall positive effect.

I have seen so many cases of positive early intervention that my mind is completely made up. It works wonders. Not only does early help mitigate barriers to learning it is also two-fold or manifold I should say in addressing all aspects of the child. Issues like anxiety, building confidence, developing a love of learning all go towards supporting the child.

For children with special educational needs the situation is no different but because their needs are often more complex early identification is even more crucial. The consequences of delay can result in greater difficulties the longer they are left undiagnosed or untreated. To generalise, often SEND children are in greater danger of losses to their self-esteem, frustration in learning and behaviour difficulties, often related to not being understood. Tirraro’s words will not come as a surprise for those working in this field but sadly the current government has seemingly forgotten this large swathe of society and the overwhelming body of evidence that supports early intervention particularly when it is aimed at this vulnerable group.

If you’re looking for intervention for your SEND child and for fun interactive tuition given by registered teachers hell bent on restoring children’s self-esteem and confidence check out SEND Tutoring’s website and see what we pride ourselves doing -

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