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SEND Tutoring chats to Amara a top EHCP lawyer

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Amara is one of the UK’s leading specialist education and children’s law solicitors. An expert in special educational needs and safeguarding, she works closely with parents, schools, and charities to ensure that children and young people receive the support that they need to reach their potential in education.

She came on the 27th of June 2023 having received three questions from me before appearing.

1. Your child’s EHC plan is up for annual review and the last one you’ve seen a lot of changes in your child. How do the parents go about implementing changes to the EHC?

2. You mentioned that there are specific windows of time that parents have after the EHC is sent and after the annual review to make any changes, could you provide an example of when this has happened and the process?

3. Without an EHC what can you as a parent get support for your child?

What’s your top tip?

Amara’s top tip was to keep in contact with your child’s school, keep the communication window open, and document any verbal communication in order to create a paper trail if need be.

The second question wasn’t asked as we ran out of time, and it was covered in the answer to the first.

Amara has promised that she’ll come on to SEND Tutoring’s podcast again, meanwhile, you can listen to this week’s podcast below.

Thanks for coming on SEND Tutoring’s podcast Amara!

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