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Season 1 Episode 4B - SEND Tutoring talks to Claire Krost founder to Waking up to Autism and mother

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Claire Krost is a Mum of two Autistic children and Founder of Waking Up To Autism. Waking Up To Autism is a training and support service for parents/carers of Autistic children and also a CPD Accredited Training Provider for Mainstream Schools to provide support and training on embracing Neurodivergent children within their settings. Claire is passionate about creating awareness promoting acceptance of Autism and advocating for a more inclusive society - one that provides equal opportunities when it comes to home life, school, and workplaces.

She came on to the podcast and we asked her these three questions:

1. What does Waking up to Autism do?

2. How does it help parents?

3. Please can you give some examples of what you cover and how it can help parents and their children?

I also asked her if she had had a good reaction from school.

She talked about how Waking Up to Autism provides support and training to parents and carers and how when you receive a diagnosis of Autism by the NHS you’re discharged with no other information. Her company helps to mitigate that gap by providing help and resources that are accessible and give parents and carers access to a wider community of like-minded and understanding people.

Waking up to Autism also provides training to educators and their ethos is that anyone who comes into contact with neurodivergent learners from the caretaker to the lunch supervisors to teachers and their classmates have an understanding of what autism is.

They also run a glamping weekend every year in Sussex which more information can be found on Facebook and their website. They have circus skills and animal handling and the staff all have experience working with children with SEN. It sounds absolutely awesome!

It was such a pleasure chatting to Claire and we hope we’ll talk to her again in the future.

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