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S1E5 - Rachael Wall - How Diagnostic Testing for Dyslexia Has Changed

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

In this episode, we chat with Rachael Wall a Dyslexic Assessor and ex-teacher about how Educational Psychologists used to test for Dyslexia. How diagnostic testing has changed and is now much more accessible in how it's written. Parents and professionals can understand the content as it's written in layman's terms rather than feeling overwhelmed by the jargon.

We also talk about how the recommendations for each child change to fit their needs. Rachael likes to ask the children that she's assessing what they would like as their personal recommendations in order for them to feel empowered.

She hopes for more reciprocal relationships between her and the schools that she has carried out assessments in order for the recommendations she's suggested to take root.

The questions I sent before we met were:

1. What made you become a Dyslexic Assessor?

2. In the time that you have been assessing what has changed the most?

3. What are you most often asked about?

Sadly, we didn't have time for Question 3 but I'm sure Rachael will come back on the podcast again!

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