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Relaxing staff ratio from 1:4 to 1:5

It’s been announced that early next year the ratios in nurseries are due to be relaxed in order for more parents and their children to access childcare and its providers.

First and foremost what’s really worrying about relaxing ratios is the amount of care and resulting safety an adult can give to the additional child in their care. Currently, the ratio stands at one adult to four children. The new ratios set to be introduced are one to five. In reality this means that one adult will have eyes on five children. I think parents across the board would agree that keeping eyes on just one child is hard, two harder, three harder than that, four you get the gist.

So to introduce more than the current requirement seems impractical as well as downright irresponsible. In addition to this redressing, staff looking after children between 0-2 years old don’t have to be as well trained. Currently, staff need a Level 3 childcare but from next year as long as there’s someone in the vicinity who has a Level 3 that’s OK.

So for looking after a vulnerable group of humans who are extremely hard work and labour intensive the government want more unskilled people to look after them. What’s very wrong with this idea is that once again the government makes no amends to invest in the early years. It’s not a surprise that if you have skilled experienced adults working with tiny humans early indicators are more likely to be picked up as opposed to adults with no training and less experience. But it’s also no surprise that this government won’t invest in what is beneficial to the masses.

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