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Parents left feeling ‘rejected’ over lack of SEND holiday care for children

It’s a sad day when there’s no option for children with special needs during the holidays. Some children with special needs need small bespoke tailored groups in order to not feel frightened or out of sync and there isn’t much money to be made if your holiday camp is made up of only a few children.

That being said there are holiday camps and groups specifically for SEND children and here I’m going to list a few of the options:


Know all about how hard it is to find relevant fun things your child wants to get involved in and that’s why they’ve compiled this list of things going on in the holidays.

SEND unlocked

Unlocked is an awesome glossary of all things SEND. They not only provide a list of SEND services locally but you can search for things like Kung Fu and it appears as a provider

Smelly Wellies

A smallholding in the Reading area, they welcome children with additional needs to come and enjoy their farm of donkeys, guinea pigs and rabbits. They also have links to farms across the UK so chances are there’s one near you.

The Little Explorers Activity Club based in Northamptonshire

The Little Explorers Activity Club is an autism-friendly club that offers Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Learning. It is a safe and understanding environment for children with autism to have fun and socialise with other special needs families. You can also stay on site at a beautiful converted barn.

Club Hub that offers kids camps and activities specifically for children with special needs

Search for what is going on in your area

Merton borough

A list of their local service providers, where and what they do

The All Aboard Club

Based all over London and with some other useful links. It’s specifically for autistic and adhd children aged 4 - 11 although some older children go too.

We’re sorry we can’t provide more of what’s needed but here is just a small selection of what is offered.

If you want bespoke tailored tuition for your child from a team of qualified teachers who pride themselves on providing fun and interactive sessions that are tailored to your child’s interests please get in touch at and check out our website

And here’s a cool book I’ve seen which is written by an equally cool chick….

The Autistic Guide to Adventure isn’t a camp as such, it’s written by Allie Mason an autistic adventurer who offers lots of advice, ranging from archery to stargazing, sailing to fossil hunting, snorkelling to nature-writing.

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