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National holiday and activities and food HAF programme

Claire Coutinho is our current children and families under Secretary of State. She has been involved in bringing 1000s the Holidays Activities and Food programme specifically for low-income and disadvantaged families. In addition children get fed once a day. Climbing, orienteering, spending time in the great outdoors. Forming new relationships, learning new skills……

The photos on Twitter look seriously cool, in a staged photo Coutinho is standing in a line of kids against a climbing wall. Free fun and engaging activities for your kids whilst you work all summer long. There’s nothing better knowing that your kids are entertained, having fun and learning new skills.

However, really sadly the overwhelming response on Twitter is to point out that the idea is a good one, but for the families it’s designed for, hardly any of them have used it. One woman said the centres were miles away and difficult to get to, the cost of petrol alone would be insufficient and the times inconvenient to work out. Another said they weren’t inclusive of disabled children and that the food vouchers supermarkets do were by far the most help.

What a MASSIVE shame - a lovely lovely idea but just not feasible. What a shi£show!

If you would like fun engaging tutors to come to your home and give your child tailored lessons based on their interests get in touch

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