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Home tuition for special needs

Updated: May 3, 2023

Why is home tuition effective for special educational needs and disability (SEND) children? Well, all children benefit from the undivided attention of an adult. However, in the case of a SEND child that attention is even more crucial. It helps to ascertain the child’s needs and requirements and gives an experienced teacher many insights into how the child responds and learns – meaning tuition can be adjusted to best serve the child’s needs.

Often in the case of SEND children, teachers need to have many ideas up their sleeves – creative ways to harness the child’s attention – so that if plan A doesn’t work they have a plan B and C as backup to engage the child in their learning.

Our special needs private tutors will have an initial conversation with you to find out about your child’s interests and then plan bespoke lessons that are tailored to your child’s needs. Then, once the tuition starts, they will carry out assessments to make sure that the lessons they create and deliver are pitched at the right level for your child.

Looking for personalized support to help your child succeed? Meet Madeleine, an experienced and passionate teacher within a special educational needs setting. She is often acknowledged for her enthusiasm for teaching and her ability to connect with each student she teaches. Learn more about Madeleine and how she can make a difference in your child's education journey: Madeleine

SEND Tutoring has helped my daughter gain confidence in reading and expanding her abilities. There are a variety of fun learning opportunities in each session, putting my daughter at ease and helping her stay engaged. SEND Tutoring has also been extremely helpful in signposting and sharing resources. Highly recommend. Amanda Bialy
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