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Finding a tutor for your child with learning difficulties

Updated: May 3, 2023

In the first instance, you need the right tutor, which may take a bit of time to research.

While there are many tutors and tutoring agencies out there, traditionally there have not been many that focus on special education needs and disability (SEND).

However, that is changing. More and more people are realising that children with SEND needs require specialist help and intervention. Coverage in the press, parents finding their voice and SEND children themselves highlighting how they are hampered from fully taking part and contributing in class by an inaccessible curriculum or an environment not suited to their needs are all playing a part in that change.

Looking for personalized support to help your child succeed? Meet Harriet, she is fully committed to promoting the education and well-being of children and young people at all times, regardless of their starting point, she truly believes that education has the power to change young people’s lives. Learn more about Harriet and how she can make a difference in your child's education journey: Harriet

SEND Tutoring has helped my daughter gain confidence in reading and expanding her abilities. There are a variety of fun learning opportunities in each session, putting my daughter at ease and helping her stay engaged. SEND Tutoring has also been extremely helpful in signposting and sharing resources. Highly recommend. Amanda Bialy

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