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DfE investing more to support SEND children

Wednesday 7th June 2023 The Department for Education stated that they recognised that more needs to be done to support children with special educational needs and they planned to invest £10.1 billion by 2023-24, which is 50% more than four years ago.

What do you reckon the chances are that this will happen? Highly likely, somewhat likely, not a chance? Well if some of you chose the first option I’d say you’re a novice and do not work in any field related to special educational needs. If you did, you’d be well aware of the changes to the SEND paper and the difficulties parents have getting the right support for their child. EHCPs are in the process of being made harder, as if it wasn’t hard enough, fighting a three headed monster that continuously changes the goal posts and every local authority having different criteria. Don’t even get me started about families moving between boroughs - and wanting the help stated in their child’s EHCP…..a headache and a half and then some.

So the headline that the DfE is about to invest a nice pot of money that if true would change the lives of many immediately caught my eye. Call me a cynic but ask any of the general public and they know only too well about education funding cuts, the continued lack of resources, the battle unions are having with our government about pay and work life balance. Anyone working in the field of SEND be it firsthand the children who need specific and specialist help, families in the process of applying/receiving an educational health and care plan and the teachers and professionals imparting their expertise know only full well how impossible and fraught the system is. Filled with potholes and invisible lines the already over complicated system is designed to break you, exhaust your reserves, energy and be so heinous that only the very few and the very brave ever get to the finish line. Those of you who have firsthand experience know only too well that your victory doesn’t stop there.

Some local authorities insist on regathering evidence and submitting this each year in order to qualify for ongoing funding. Others, purposefully delay the process or are so pedantic in their requests that it is an impossible task to fulfill their criteria. To hear that billions are about to be invested in this underrepresented and grossly difficult area is immediately under question. I’d like to know if outlandish statements are ever held to account and those making them are made accountable. Wouldn’t it be something to see the likes of Gavin Williams swung from his ankles having made so many faux pas during lockdown.

I digress…..lost in my imaginings……All I can say is I’ll believe it when I see it, although I don’t think for a moment that I will see it. Ideally, what would happen is our current government would bugger off, hopefully to another galaxy and beyond and damage control can be speedily actioned for a veritable misrepresented section of society who deserve so much investment and due diligence paid.

Children with special educational needs and disabilities can be hard to reach which is where SEND Tutoring comes in. All of our tutors are registered teachers, work in the field of SEND and have qualifications that reflect their expertise. Check out our website at

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